"You Might Expect Us To Brag About How Great We Are On This Page"
That's what the ordinary business would do. 
At Halls Birmingham Wholesale Florist, it's not really about us. . . . . .
We want you to feel welcome at Hall's anytime.  If you have a something special that we can help you with, just call.
It is are desire to be here for you.  Your needs and concerns are important to us.
Your business needs to continue to grow and you can count on us to help.
"We Know The Importance Of
The Customer"

Because The Customer

Because the customer has a need,
we have a job to do.
Because the customer has a choice,
we must be the better choice.
Because the customer has sensibilities,
we must be considerate.
Because the customer has an urgency,
we must be quick.
Because the customer is unique,
we must be flexible.
Because the customer has high expectations,
we must excel.
Because the customer has influence,
we have the hope of more customers.
Because of the customers,
our businesses exist.

Hall's Birmingham Wholesale Florist
100 6th Ave S.W.
Birmingham, AL
"We appreciate what Ed and Hall's does for us as a long time customer, but as the Alabama State Florist Association's newsletter editor, I am very impressed with how Ed has given and given to the Alabama florist industry.  It's obvious to me that Hall's is committed to helping us in any way he can.  That's why I say 'Hall's Rocks' "
-Glenn Yenulis
Especially For You Florist
Hoover, Alabama